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Business VOIP System -

No matter how many telephones are needed, we can provide a professional business phone system to enhance your business and make it run smooth.

Call Center Industry -

Stay up to date with the latest call center news and industry best practices with Inside Inova is sponsored by Inova Solutions, leaders in call center solutions and network clocks for commercial, school and hospital industries.

Datapoint -

A leading European provider of contact centre and communication solutions, with 43 years in the industry under our belt, we're often considered the "experts' expert".

Email Archiving Appliance -

Intradyn offers email archiving solutions with strong regulatory compliance and message integrity. The Orca virtual appliance and RazorSafe tool offer advanced de-duplication, archiving, backup/restore capabilities, and mail server load management with an easy to use interface.

Maryland Cabling -

BenComm was established as a telecommunications technical support organization in 1991. BenComm was one of the first Authorized Service Providers selected to support AT&T customers.

Pressplay Call Centre -

Specialising in inbound calls, outbound telemarketing and virtual reception services.

Synchronized Clock -

Inova Solutions clock systems utilize POE(power over Ethernet) technology for accurate timekeeping. Network clocks are also more energy efficient because the need for individual batteries is eliminated.